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Anupama had a fairly straightforward path to becoming a producer. She almost became a doctor, then decided research was her calling before wanting to be in public relations. She now offers medical advice to anyone who chooses to ask and no casualties have been reported as yet. She loves people and they mostly love her back (so she thinks). She's a strategist and planner for all the future events that her fertile imagination conjures up including giving up her many years of agency life to go ZigZag. 

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Abhijit is 5'11'' (6' with shoes on) and hails from a respectable and cultured family. His career as an actor came to an abrupt halt when youtube users threatened to hunt him down with bows and arrows. It led to him changing his appearance and aadhaar number. He dislikes cliched motivational quotes and believes that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. His hobbies include thinking, reading, singing, dancing, skating, gymming, sky diving, figure skating, water polo, polo, water, racing, bungee jumping and watching videos of Putin.




Born into a family of accountants, Jamie rebelled as a day-dreaming chef who peeled his last carrot aged 17, swapping apron for broom to sweep the floors of a film studio. Unless there’s something behind him he can honestly say he’s never looked back. Having spent years honing the craft and carving out a niche, Jamie now directs comedy - but with a couple of Cannes Lions to show for it, it’s no laughing matter. His eye and passion for the camera has also fuelled a unique ‘collection’ of observational stills that document the quirks of our species. Showcased via the aptly named ‘londonsapiens’ Instagram account, spoiler alert - it’s confirmed that we’re very strange indeed.

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